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Yoga Group Class


There are more than 50 Yoga classes are arranged every week which are devided into 3 level: Beginner – level, multi – level and advance – level. You can pick the suitable class for yourself by:

  • Reviewing classes desciptions below or ask for recommendation from our masters.
  • Check the group class schedule.

Who should join this class?

Yoga is for everyone. It can be adapted to benefit people of all ages, from the young and fit, to elders with arthritis, and everyone in between. Yoga can benefit you especially if you have a desk job by reducing stress and tension, improving concentration and focus, detoxifing the body and shifting your perception to positive direction. We can say that it’s the path to holistic heath for everyone.

How to join?

It’s easy to join by getting the membership in 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months to become Universal Yoga Member and join unlimitted group yoga class. In addition, we give free Zumba dance class every week for all members.

Let’s start by booking free trial class here:

Class Description:

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