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Office Yoga


Yoga for Office at Universal Yoga is in a gentle style. The practice is low risk physically and highly approachable. It is focused on cultivating contentment, making peace with wherever you are at in life and fostering community. It has benefits physically definitely but this is not the goal. The goal is to enhance positive feelings and increase working productivity.

Heath issues in common with office staff

  • Bowing head forward, neck veins lightly crushed, blood flows to the brain is restricted, as cerebral ischemia and nutrients easily leads to dizziness, fatigue, decreased memory, drowsiness
  • Sitting all day long with bowing head forward, the chest is not expanding enough, the function of the lungs have not promoted,
    increase the likelihood of heart disease and lungs
  • Back-pain, fat accumulated around the waist, blood circulation is not well at pelvic
  • Working long hours with the computer, the shoulders always get stretched, right hand often feel stiffed, wrists are bent at uncomfortable
    posture causes muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis, long focused on the screen makes your eyes get tired, blurred
  • Sitting frequently is detrimental to the reflux of blood in the leg veins, causing swelling of the legs

Improvements and benefits from Yoga

  • CREATE AN COHESION: Practice yoga together is an ideal condition for creating an cohesion between employees. It helps for common tasks are successfully completed
  • ENHANCE MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION ABILITY IN SHORT TIME: Yoga can increase blood flow and delivers more oxygen to the brain. Through activation of the brain, which can increase the memory and concentration ability for employees
  • ALWAYS CALM: Yoga is a stationary process, goes deeply inward and to able to transform the anger into a positive energy. It will be great when the employees work with customers, partners, colleagues with amiable attitude, deep listening
  • EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT AT WORK: The gentle movements in law of is not only not tiring but can also make more clear thinking, stimulates creativity, enhances work efficiency
  • FAST REACTION: Practice yoga regularly helps employees to have a mentally sharp and focused mind, fast react with any work challenge
  • ENHANCE PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY: Yoga helps to stimulate the harmonious development of two hemispheres: the left brain for logical thinking and right-brain for creative thinking. This great combination helps for employees to become more efficient at work
  • FULL OF ENERGY: Yoga awakens latent energy in the nervous system, the endocrine system and musculature. Instead of working lethargic, tired,
    employees will always passionate, lively and more confident
  • REDUCED PRESSURE: Yoga helps reduce stress, increase self-healing capacity of the spirit. Art of yoga rest helps employees get into a relaxed state quickly and effectively eliminate stress


How to register Office Yoga?

We offer on-site private yoga classes at the workplace up to 30 participants Many busy executives don’t have the time to travel to a yoga studio after work. On the other hand, these managers have to cope with very high stress levels daily. The practice during lunch hour, before or after work might be the only opportunity for them. A private class offers privacy and sole focus on the person’s needs.

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