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Yoga Teacher Training


Our Yoga Teacher Training course is designed as personalized mentoring class with affordable tuition which was hold by professional Indian master. It will give you incredible insight into deep esoteric yogic knowledge and support you to become a professional master in future. Universal Yoga Teacher Training Certification is a rare combination of the subtle esoteric practices & philosophy of traditional Yoga with the holistic and integrative approach.

Who should join?

  • New members who want to become Master in Yoga.
  • Experienced members who wish to get more advance practice

How to join?

At Universal Yoga, Teacher Training Yoga is designed as 100 – 200 hours course which depends on the level of members. It’s easy to start your journey to become a yogi by registering this course.

 Want to be a Yoga Master? Join us

Want to be a Yoga Master? Join us

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