Alignforme Yoga Vendy

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– Size: 185 cm x 68 cm

 – Thickness: 0.5 cm

 – Weight: 3.2 kg

 – Raw materials: natural rubber and ecological PU

 – Colors: Purple, Green, Pink, Blue, Gray

 – Made in: Taiwan





1.Made by the Yogi and for Yogi

      Throughout the design process, we have been consulted and inspired by the best yogis in the field of yoga.

      At Vendy, we all love yoga. Part of our team is leading yoga teachers, and we all want to bring you a quality product to help you advance your yoga practice.

Perfect quality

     We demand perfection from start to finish during design, production and finishing.

     And we believe the Vendy yoga mat is no better.

  1. AlignForMe unique routing system

     Unique and revolutionary, AlignForMe – The routing system acts as a navigation tool for practicing yoga postures. You do not have to be embarrassed, or wonder where to go, or guess where you are in the routing.

Hold on like warriors

     One of the most important functions of a yoga mat is adhesion. Slipping around can make you practice yoga inefficient, or even dangerous.

  1.  We believe our revolutionary “GripForMe” material is the most adhesive material available on earth for yoga mats. And it clings even better when “wet sweat”.
  2. Perfect support, stability and elasticity

We do not know how you do, but we know in some positions, the bones touch the floor and this feels bad.

We used a solid rubber mat surface and added an elastic padding in the middle to the mat surface. They provide a good elastic practice surface but are solid and stable.

  1. Longer and wider

We like to have a bit more space. So we created it on our yoga mat.

Our yoga mats are a few inches wider and longer than other regular yoga mats, making it easy to fit into small or large bodies as well as everyone else.

  1. Environmentally friendly, safe for the body

We have also been very attentive to your physical interests and have used the most “safe body” processes and materials that we could, in the making and making of Vendy Yoga Mats.

We use the most durable natural latex for the rug.

We carved the AlignForMe markings on the carpet instead of printing with potentially harmful ink.

We have also used a revolutionary heating process to squeeze the mats, eliminating the use of toxic glue.

Our mats are PVC free and do not contain any harmful heavy metals like lead and cadmium.