Wendy Yoga Mat

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Price: 500,000

Made in Taiwan.
Material: TPE
Brand: Pro-care
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm x 0.6cm



– TPE yoga mat is Taiwan’s super-durable, super-fine imported mat. It has good elasticity and very delicate pattern.

– Yoga mat made of TPE / TPR (Thermoplastic Elastomer) from high grade rubber which is heat treated, environmentally friendly (reusable) and safe in contact with the skin. Yoga mat made of TPE / TPR material with high elasticity, good bearing capacity, high temperature resistance, good adhesion, high anti-slip.
– The life of TPE mat is ideal from 2-3 years

Double layer mat is more durable, and good in design.

Highly convenient:
After the exercise, you can roll the mat neatly for convenient storage and transportation without worrying about the durability of the mat.

High abrasion:
The mat has high abrasion, reducing shifting or slipping on the floor during practicing to make you feel comfortable and completely safe.

TPE Procare yoga mat has been assessed and granted the certificate of quality of health and safety for users.