Stretching Yoga

Stretching is natural to everybody. When you are in a certain posture for long enough, your body will strech naturally. It feels great. The body is stretched and refills energy quickly. Additionally, a suitable stretch will improve flexibility of the body.

Stretching doesn’t require much time, but its benefits are considerable:

  • Reduce muscle tention, partial muscle bundling
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Improve ability of muscle collaboration
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Refill energy quickly (due to better blood circulation and mind relaxation)
  • Reduce muscle pain
  • Improve effectiveness of daily activities or sport, sex…
  • Relax the mind
  • Contribute to the outcome of sport and gym


Discover the flexibility and agility of your youth by participating in this class which focuses on stretching the muscles, toning the body

-endurance and flexibility of the joints

-improving the skeletal and muscular systems

-Increase blood circulation