Yoga twist

Is one of the favourable postures, focuses on the twisting to keep the body healthy, good for heart and increases flexibility.

Twisting postures make the spine strong and flexible. The postures twist the spine and stretch the back muscles, maintain vertebras’ natural motion level, keep the space between vertebras, strengthen abdominals and back muscles, provide better support for the bones, cartilage and ligaments.

Twisting postures increase energy flow due to the fact that the spine is the main of energy flow in body (in Yoga philosophy). If the vertebras were compressed, lack of space for movement, the energy would be blocked. When twisting, you stretch the spine as well as open the space between the vertebras. When the energy will flow easily. Twisting postures help us to regain energy quickly and reduce the pressure on vertebras in a safe way.

Twisting postures are known as counter poses of back bend and forward bend. Twisting postures enable core muscles to interact smoothly to protect your spine.

Twisting postures are also known to support digestion since they allows the organs to be massaged.


Focusing on the twisting to twist the spine and stretch the back, maintain the space between vertebras.

  • Flexible spine, smooth movement
  • Strengthen back muscles and bones
  • Increase energy flow, reduce pressure on vertebras