The Purpose of Yoga

The Purpose of Yoga
The aim of yoga is to overcome limitations of the body. Yoga teaches us that the purpose of one’s life is
to make an inner adventure in order to go deep down to our soul. Yoga gives us both purpose and means
to do that.
The priority of yoga is to restore the peace, calm and balance of your mind, to free youself from anxiety.
You will experience the feeling of relaxation, stability when practicing asana and pranayama. Asana unite
your body, mind, spirit and ego as 1 of 4 following stages:
Arambhavastha, is the level of physical practice.
Ghatavastha, when the mind and body are responsive to each other.
Parichayavastha, comes up when the spirit and body are united.
Nispattyavastha, is the complete stage
The absorption will be filled in yogis during the stages.