Master Chandra

CEO & Yoga Master
Master Chandra

Dr Chandra the founder and Director of Universal Yoga Vietnam. He was born in India. At the age of 5, Dr Chandra started practice of yoga by watching his father.

He learned yoga formally during his school days and since it has become part of his life.

Dr Chandra is a master’s degree holder in Applied Yogic Science from the World first Yoga University Bihar Yoga Bharati Munger India. After completing his yogic studies under the guidance of his Master Swami Niranjanananda Sharaswati, he did YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE and confers upon the Title of YOGA TEACHER from BIHAR YOGA BHARTI Rikhiya India.

Dr Chandra completed doctor degree in Yoga and Naturopathy from GORAKHPUR SCHOOL OF NATURAL THERAPUTICS” India under Dr. Vimal Kumar Modi. He completed Sujok Acupuncture & Acupressure (Healing Without Drugs) under Dr Pradeep Shrma.

He started teaching yoga in 1994 in a Yoga and Naturopathy hospital to help his patients incorporate the yoga spirit into their daily routine, and thus improving their quality of life. With passion and a gentle approach, Dr Chandra motivates his students to practise with confidence. His style reflects the true yoga philosophy, which makes his classes safe, lively and interesting.

His expertise in Yoga Therapy – especially effective for people of all ages with chronic problems and psychosomatic diseases – has allowed him to incorporate light mobilising energy, curative yoga postures, pranayama, breathing exercises and relaxation into his classes.

He is the first person started the most effective and fun class, Flying and Wall Yoga in Vietnam. His work has taken him through India, Hong Kong and Vietnam to teach and conduct yoga workshops.

His dream to see the humanity free from grief and misery where peace prosperity and happiness prevail forever. He loves to share his knowledge of yoga, helping students gain peace and enhance their lives, which gives him great satisfaction.