Sun series

In yoga, the sun is represented by Pingala or Surya Nadi, which is an important source of energy. This is a dynamic group of Asana (postures), because it was added later, sun series is not conidered a part of traditional yoga postures. However, sun series is the most effective in softening, stretching, massaging and strengthening the joints, muscles and organs.

Sun series is a series of 12 postures aiming to improve strength and flexibilty of muscles and spine. This helps to warm the body and tighten abdominen muscles as well. Sun series suits all ages and is good to combine with other yoga styles.


Hello, Sun! Sun salutation classes include a series of 12 yoga poses combined with rhythmic breathing.

-improve strength and flexibilty of muscles and spine.

– improve circulatory and respiratory, stimulates the endocrine glands in the body

– one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises, weight loss